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Friends and Family Service for Advent

Quite an amazing Friends and Family service last Sunday, but then it was the time to prepare St Mary’s for the Christmas period and we had a really good attendance to do just that, It was pleasing to see more new faces at this already popular service. The Rector, the Rev Gill Smith introduced the service and explained what everyone would be doing, to make and fit decorations and decorate Manger cakes, to decorate the Tree and help with a new Peace on Earth banner that was nearing completion. Our late organist Judith Barker had also made many small, items to decorate Christmas trees but also many other decorations. Some were unfinished but she had asked her two daughters to finish them and pass them on to us. These will be the last we see now but Judith had made these beautiful little decorations when she joined our church about 10 years ago, and our gratitude for this is immense. Thank you dear Judith.

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