Benefice Services, this week and next weekend

The service on Sunday morning at St Mary's Church was the shorter Holy Communion with the Holy Baptism of Baby Edward. The service was conducted by the Rector, the Rev Gill Smith. The Service at Sutton Church was a Said Holy Communion for the Benefice and Cockayne Hatley had their usual Evensong service in the afternoon. The first service next Sunday morning at 9am at St Mary's is a the Benefice Said service of Holy communion. This is followed at 10.30pm by a traditional Holy Communion with anointing for personal renewal and we say a fond farewell to one of our Lay Leaders of Worship, Janet Baillie. Bothe Services at St Mary's are led by the Rector. At 9am at Sutton church, it is a Service of the Word conducted by Rdr David Kilpatrick. David also leads the Evensong service at Cockayne Hatley at 3pm.

Services at St Mary's for Sunday November 25: 9am Benefice Holy Communion (Said)

10.30am Holy Communion with anointing for personal renewal, and a farewell

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