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St Mary's Fireworks and Bonfire Evening

Saturday November 3rd was the night chosen for this year’s Bonfire and Firework evening organised by St Mary’s Church. The weather was perfect, quite mild and we thought there would be a good turnout for the event, and we weren’t disappointed. The huge bonfire was lit at about 6.30pm as the crowds were arriving but the Firework display commenced at 7.15pm, by that time everyone who was coming was in the field, waiting in anticipation. As the first fireworks took off, cheers and cries of joy came from the watching crowd. It was a very good display this year but it was all over after about 20 minutes but thoroughly enjoyed by all those who were present. All evening hot and cold refreshment were served in the church hall with a BBQ in the field. A big thank you to all the organisers for a splendid display.

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