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Events from Last Week at St Mary's

St Mary's said a fond farewell to our late Organist Judith Barker last Tuesday. The church was packed to say goodbye to this talented musician who had led our church music with her late husband David, who died a year ago, for about the last ten years. Judith will be sorely missed by us all. After all the activity of the previous week with our successful Mission with Bishop Richard. St Mary’s had another busy day last Sunday starting with our popular Friends and Family activity service. This service is now attracting more interest and this week the attendance level was probably our highest so far. The theme for some activities was next Sunday’s Day of Remembrance and the end of World War One. The children were painting Potton Remembrance Rocks and these should be appearing round town any time now so look out for them. Other children were decorating white pebbles which are to be used in a display in church next week. Our two Tommies were standing guard around the church, “There But Not There” but watching over us.

In the afternoon, the annual All Souls Service was held giving people comfort as they remembered their lost family members or friends. The Rev Gill Smith read prayers and introduced readings and musical items from Nick and Dolly Wilson. After the service, many stayed to enjoy refreshments and talk to others. Finally, in the evening, our NightLight Service of music, Prayer and quiet contemplation was there for those who need quiet time in the beautiful setting of St Mary’s.

Picture by Chris Miles

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