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Sutton and Cockayne Hatley

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Potton, Sutton and Cockayne Hatley
are three  Church of England Parishes
in east Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
and the Diocese of St Albans.

Our three churches are:

St Mary’s Church, Potton

All Saint’s Church, Sutton

St John the Baptist’s Church, Cockayne Hatley

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This Week In our Church

By Dave Thompson

Please note: This is the item for inclusion in the CHRONICLE NEXT FRIDAY. When read before Friday, days and dates might not appear correct!

The long awaited Medieval Banquet for St Georges Day, organised by St Mary’s Fundraising and Social Committee, was held last Saturday and all tickets were sold so there was a good crowd there to enjoy an evening meal together, with a big difference! The church hall appearance was changed by the addition of straw to the floor and rough wooden tables to turn it into an ancient banqueting hall. Candles were used for lighting to finish the effect. Period dress was encouraged and quite a few came in some very elaborate dress schemes. The food was amazing, with joints of meat being passed around to hack or pull lumps off, trays of vegetables were added and plenty of bread was available but to eat all this, each person only had a knife, fingers just had to be used making for a very amusing meal, but also a very tasty meal, medieval style. Each ticket sold included the available drinks and these were available by handing over a groat coin. These were given as change when the meal was paid for. A bottle of beer cost one groat for instance. Games were played afterwards with archery, apple bobbing, music and of course the stocks. There were also a couple of jesters to entertain the rowdy crowd. A great evening and thanks go to all the organisers. The next church meal will be a Christian Aid Roast Lunch on Sunday May 21 at 12 noon. More details soon.

The service last Sunday was Holy Communion led by the Rector, the Rev Gill Smith. During the service, the Holy Baptism of young Flora Watson took place, always nice for a baptism during a morning service. The service next Sunday is Holy Communion with visiting priest, the Rev Dr Les Oglesby. There is no Benefice 9am Holy Communion that day.

Today, the Rev Gill Smith will be giving her Thought for the Day on BigglesFM at 8.15am. Find her at 104.8 on the dial. First Steps toddler and baby group are meeting in the church hall at 10am as usual. Details about the Group can be obtained from Group Organiser, Sandy, on 01767 260430. Finally today, at 12.45pm in the church hall, it is the monthly Parish Lunch in aid of St John’s Hospice at Moggerhanger. Please note, places at the lunch are limited to 60 so come early to avoid disappointment.

The Soul Cinema Youth Group meet on Monday in the Priests Room in the church, at 5pm. More information from 01767 260782 or subscribe to the newsletter by writing to: Next week, Morning Prayer will be held on Monday at Cockayne Hatley Church, on Tuesday and Friday at St Mary’s and at Sutton Church on Thursday, all at 9am. All are welcome. The popular Craft and Chatter group next meet in the church hall at 7.30pm, on May 5. There is an entry charge of £2-50 and this includes refreshments.. Details, call 01767 262287.

All other church activities can be found on the website: and on our Facebook page with the very latest updated information.

Services for Sunday April 30: No Benefice Holy Communion this week, 10.30 Holy Communion

Last weekend being Easter, saw a very busy few days in our Benefice, particularly in St Mary’s. Many extra services were held in the lead up to Good Friday, one of them being on Maundy Thursday where the evening service followed a new line which involved a light meal based on the Jewish Feast of the Passover.. This new service was devised by Reader Simon Gutteridge who also conducted the service.

On Good Friday, Potton Churches Together met at St Mary’s Church where a short outdoor service was held prior to the Walk of Witness, the annual walk from St Mary’s to the Market Square. As the walkers arrived in the Square, they gathered in a circle around the clergy from the four Churches who led the worship but also told the story of the first Good Friday. At the end of the service, everyone was invited to do another short walk, this time to the Baptist Church where Hot Cross Buns and hot drinks were served up. Thanks to the organisers and to all who attended for making it a very pleasant morning.

On Easter Sunday, the Morning Service of Holy Communion for Easter was led by the Rev Gill Smith. Instead of her usual sermon, a short film was shown covering the topic of light, how different aspects of it affect us all. The film was made by Annabel Munday, a young member of our congregation, now at College in Oxford. Annabel was assisted by some of her college associates who played small roles and did some readings. It was a very well put together film and shows great promise for Annabel’s future. Whilst the was being shown, all the children present, over 20 of them, were sent out into the churchyard for an Easter Egg hunt. Fifty Eggs had been hidden and all of them found with some being eaten almost immediately!

The church was nicely decorated with flowers by Pat Thwaites and her team and included a double display of white Lilies on the Altar step. The centre piece of the flower display was the re-emergence of last year’s Christmas Tree, in the form of a Cross. This was decorated with white flowers by each member of the congregation after Communion.

Finally, Choirmaster David Barker was presented with a Rose bush and a large 80th Birthday Cake made by Bea. This was afterwards enjoyed over coffee, David celebrated his 80th Birthday on Good Friday.

Tonight, Craft and Chatter return to the church hall at 7.30pm and all other activities , Morning Prayer, First Steps and the Soul Cinema, recommence next week at their usual times. Next Friday, April 28, The Rev Gill Smith will be on BigglesFM at 8.15am with her Thought for the Day. Find her at 104.8 on the dial. At 12.45, it is the monthly Parish Lunch in aid of St John’s Hospice at Moggerhanger. Please note, places at the lunch are limited to 60 so please come early to avoid disappointment.

On April 22, we are holding our St Georges Day Medieval Banquet, in the Church Hall. This starts at 7.15pm. Tickets are £20 pp including the first two drinks. Drinks also available to buy. Fancy Dress encouraged but not essential. Fun and games for all. Banquet? Eating with a knife and fingers only, Medieval style. All this in celebration of St Georges Day. Call Bob on 260782 to book

All other church activities can be found on the website: and on our Facebook page with the very latest updated information.

Services for Sunday  April 23:  9am  Benefice Holy Communion (Said), 10.30  Holy Communion with Holy Baptism.

Last Week In our Church

By Dave Thompson