The Benefice of Potton,  Sutton and Cockayne Hatley


Sutton and Cockayne Hatley

About Us

Potton, Sutton and Cockayne Hatley
are three  Church of England Parishes
in east Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
and the Diocese of St Albans.

Our three churches are:

St Mary’s Church, Potton

All Saint’s Church, Sutton

St John the Baptist’s Church, Cockayne Hatley

The Benefice of


09.00  Benefice Holy Communion (Said)

Rev Gill Smith

10.30  No Service this week


09.00  No Service this week


15.00  Benefice Patronal Festival

Rev Gill Smith

with St Mary’s Church Choir

And Guest Speaker

Maggie Doust

Of Keech Cottage Children’s Hospice

Followed at 16.00 by Afternoon Tea


The three churches that make up our Benefice: Top, St Mary’s Church, Potton. Bottom left, St John the Baptist, Cockayne Hatley.

Bottom right, All Saints Church, Sutton

The Benefice Churches

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St Mary’s Church


With Sutton and Cockayne Hatley

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Sunday 26 June


 Birth of

John The Baptist

Psalm 27

Isaiah 40: 1-11


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The Church Butterfly Colony

For many years, there has been a colony of Tortoiseshell Butterflies in St Mary’s, they live there near the Choir Vestry but if you see one fluttering by, don’t evict it as it will probably kill it!

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St Mary’s Church Members Paula, Hazel and especially, Jefferson, who is still waiting for his kidney and pancreas transplants.

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Walk of Witness 2016 Weekend of June 4/5 2016


During the Family Service last Sunday, part of the theme for the service was Hats! The Rev Gill, with help from new Churchwarden Wendy, gave everyone a small kit of items to make a Sun Hat, ready for our time in the Rectory Garden for the Cream Tea event, later that day. The picture shows the congregation “modelling” their new Hats!

Cockayne Hatley, SG19 2EA

Sutton, SG19 2ND